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A serene gradient from red to smoky blue-gray seems to mask a chaotic scene underneath, ex

This was the first oracle card we pulled together as a couple - from the Earth Warriors deck by Alana Fairchild.  Ingonyama means "lion" in Zulu.


We asked God for guidance and more clarity in terms of our purpose and received an empowering message...


"Your voice, your courage, your wisdom, and your dignity can create considerable spiritual light, uplifting and inspiring others, guiding them from a place of spiritual truth, toward the fulfillment of their divine potential."

This was a calling we had both already felt as individuals.  But now, we could feel the power of our combined forces, with a shared passion and vision. We were ready to let our souls ROAR without hesitation or fear, for the greatest good of all.  We knew immediately what we wanted to call our sound healing offering.

"The voice of the Spirit is louder than any other voice within or around you.  It is the most powerful, the most far-reaching in impact, like the roar of the lion."

Bird Soldier White

I've loved playing with various instruments since I was young. The first sound bath I ever experience had me floored. I was so profoundly effected that I knew then and there I was being called to work with sound, too. Since I had already played so many different instruments, I felt like I was BORN FOR THIS! I play didgeridoo, drums, native flute, singing bowls, handpans, and many other kinds of percussion.

Kelsey Brooke White


Music has always deeply moved me. I sang in the worship band at church growing up, but the first time I picked up a guitar wasn't until I finally got over "imposter syndrome" in my twenties. I later became mesmerized by singing bowls and jumped for joy when I inherited my grandmother's tingshas. I am passionately connected to the Earth and the animal kingdom, which offer inspiration and guidance. I love sharing my voice through intentional mantras during Sound Journeys.

Bird brings his spiritual attunement along with the mystery and power of his native ancestry to Ingonyama Sound.

Kelsey brings the softness, femininity and her intuitive direction to Ingonyama Sound.

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